Saturday, January 9, 2016

bare, to the bone

(warning: this post is very raw)

Sitting still is hard. I have to keep moving, otherwise my emotions seem to stray deep down and I end up feeling the ache so intently it paralyzes my body and I can't seem to get anything done. The ache is always there, deep in my core and fresh on my sleeve. It won't get better, I can tell. I think it's gotten worse, and its only been five days.
I want you. In every way one soul can want another, I want you.
I should have taken more videos of you, so I could hear your voice. I should have taken more pictures of you laughing, so I could see my favorite smile.
There I go again. Shaking shoulders and salt stained cheeks.



  1. Just remember; he'd love to be talking to you, love to be laughing with you, and love to be smiling because he's with you! Hang in there! Just think of the reunion!