Sunday, February 14, 2016

Our Little Story

As most of you know, I'm engaged to hottie named Oliver who is currently in basic training (army). This is our first Valentines, and even though I want to be indifferent to this holiday, I wanted to share our story. 
Because we're cute and our love is the stuff of fairy tales.
So here it goes.

Oliver and I met over 2yrs ago in our first semester of college, we had English together and we pretty much hit it off the first day of class. He's a bit of a shy fellow, but out of everyone in that class, he went out of his way to make sure I peer reviewed his essay. 
 He still has that essay.

A few weeks into the semester, Oliver remembered...He already had a girlfriend.
Much to my dismay, even though he asked to sit by me and continued to do so throughout the rest of the semester, he stopped talking to me. It was awkward. Oh my was it awkward.
We'd just sit there, ignoring the connection we both obviously had.
I admired him for being a gentleman and not talking to me anymore though.
I mean, it was pretty honourable to quit talking to someone he obviously liked because he was already in a committed relationship. 
All the same, I remember going home one day and telling my mom..
"Well..Oliver remembered he has a girlfriend, so he isn't talking to me anymore."

I was ticked. But I couldn't help admiring him anyway.
For the rest of the semester I'd sit on the bench after class waiting for my ride and I'd watch him walk away..I felt a tug in me that I couldn't explain.
I wanted to not care, but I couldn't help it.

I wanted better for him

He didn't have to say another word to me, but I knew he was miserable in that other relationship. It was all over his face. I saw them once in town, and he just looked so sad. It hurt me to see him waist himself on someone he didn't care for.
On someone who didn't see in him what I did.
A true, honourable, humble, intelligent, wonderful man.
He was only 18 at the time, but he was more man then some grown men I know.

The semester ended and honestly, I don't even remember saying goodbye or anything. By that point I HAD become indifferent and bitter towards him. 
I didn't have a whole lot of Jesus in my heart at that time...
The next semester found me at the main campus, and one day as I was walking to my car I saw him and he saw me.
I tried to ignore him, but he called after me, using my real name.
So we stopped and chatted for a few seconds and then said goodbye and walked away.

If only we had known.

I didn't see him again for a long time. I unfriended him from facebook and moved on. My life went down hill in 2014. 
Unknown to me, Oliver's life wasn't that much better.
But in that time, God allowed us to go through some very hard things that in the end, brought us back to Him.

And then back to each other.

Last fall I had finally arrived in a spot where I was completely happy and content to not be in love with anyone. In fact, I'd been hurt enough that I didn't want to be in love. My heart was focused on Jesus and I was content to wait for my future Mr. as long as it took.

It's really crazy how fast life can change.

In September I randomly sent Oliver a friend request on facebook. A few weeks later he messaged me and we started talking again. Soon we decided we should try and get together for coffee. I told him straight off I wasn't interested in a relationship, but he still kept talking to me. Even though later he told me, he debated whether he should or not. 

I'm glad he did.

A few weeks of talking to him and I suddenly realized...I needed to give this guy a shot. I started to remember how well we had connected 2yrs ago and I got excited. This time, things felt right.

On October 25th me and some friends went hiking and I invited Oliver to come along. I guess he liked me, because he invited me over to his house to watch The Walking Dead with him that evening.
I don't remember the episode at all, I just remember..This guy.

I like him.

That next week I had Oliver over for lunch, he was really sick, but I made chicken dumplings and cookies, so he came over and we watched a movie together and hardly said a word. Two days later we went hiking and sat on a bench and talked for hours.
This shy gentleman opened up to me so fast, I couldn't shake the notion that he was the one, the guy I was supposed to give my heart to.

The one who would actually want it.

That next Sunday, on November 1st during a commercial break while watching TWD, with a pounding heart, he asked me to be his girlfriend.
I said yes, of course.

five days later, we knew.

Our love grew fast. Knowing that we only had two months to see if this was real, we spent every moment together. I look back on those two months now and realize what a gift it was; neither of us had jobs and school was almost over. 
The only thing we really had to do, was spend time together.
Every moment wasn't perfect, because we aren't perfect. We had our ups and downs, but everything that came our way seemed to only reassure that it was right. We were a perfect match.

Those two months flew by so fast.
Too fast. 

Two weeks before he left for basic, it began to really hit us that what we had was so real and so beautiful, we didn't want it to end so soon.
But God kept reassuring us that it would all be okay. The next journey in our relationship would only strengthen us and bring us closer to Him and closer to each other. On December 23rd, Oliver finally told me he loved me. 
That last week was a painful, beautiful haze. Every day was spent together, and everyday we knew that we wanted to spend the rest of our lives together.

Then on January 3rd, 2016, my best friend asked me to be his wife.
Of course I said yes!

It's been 46 days now, we only have 32 left before he graduates basic and then goes to CA to attend DLIFLC (google it) for 6-18months.
Before he left for basic, we both decided we wanted to get married quietly at a courthouse. I've never wanted a big expensive wedding, and the idea freaks him out, so we're going to break tradition and do it the smart way.
We're going to make our courthouse wedding come true on March 17th in Lawton OK. 

I've been asked, why the rush? I suppose from an outside view, considering that in 4 months, only 2 of them were spent together, it does seem like a bold, rash move to make. Especially when you then take into consideration, that after we get married we'll be separated for another 2 months before I join him in CA.

But there is no rush. There is only a desire to to become husband and wife, a desire that has given us nothing but peace. We know that God has made us for each other, and so why not? March 17th is a good a day as any to make a dream become reality. 

I am truly amazed at how blessed I am to have Oliver in my life, and knowing that he'll be my husband in 32 days...I can't really express everything that it makes me feel.
I'm tellin' ya, he's the best and I can't imagine life without him. Even though he isn't physically near, he is in my heart and he's worth every painful second of missing him. 
So, thus ends the sweet little story of how we met and fell in love. Apparently he told all the guy in his platoon about us, and they all agreed that our story is a Cinderella story..yea, guys said that.  

I love you Oliver P. Kunz, and I can't wait to be your wifey.


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  1. Well I love your story, and it makes me all squishy feeling. :) Congrats again.