Friday, May 27, 2016

my joy to say

sometimes circumstances just suck.
there's nothing poetic about it.
and sometimes we let the circumstances get the best of us.
I had myself a nice litte pouty session this this morning over things just "not being right" or "not going my way".

And then out of no where a song came into my head..

"It will be my joy to say, Your will, Your way!"

Its a catchy little tune that will always remind me of my home church.
I miss that place.

Gently and patiently Jesus keeps reminding me to let go, and choose joy in His will and His way.

As always, its a lot easier said than done.
But He is patient.



  1. It's been a rough week here, too. Transitions are hard for me and even though I love summer there's lots of change.

  2. I JUST heard that song, within the last few weeks!! I love it! And, it's powerful! I liked it SO much, I purchased the CD (Rush of Fools -- Carry us Now) Let us all remember, these words. Amen, to your blog.......Let us remember to bring Him, into every situation! Still remember you both, in prayer, daily!

  3. I so enjoy your thoughts. I had a few pouty sessions this week too. I think it's called life. Not wallowing in it and dwelling there is what keeps us sane though! :)